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It's not much to look at, but that's because I'm very busy doing anything BUT putting together the next episode of the Malt Show! (Sorry!)
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This page last updated: 09/27/2000

The Malt Show
is currently off the air.

I apologize for the enormous delay between new shows and felt it was better not to replay the same episodes over and over until I had something new to show you. Over the past year my involvement in the Houston brewing scene has become very time consuming. This has been at the expense of my show. I promise you haven't seen the last of the Malt Show, it's just going to take some adjusting to make it into something I can produce on a semi-regular schedule. I appreciate all my viewers support and look forward to letting you know when I'm back on the air!

Malt Show Facts and Trivia:

What channel is it on?

Houston Media Source, the cable access channel for the city of Houston, Texas.

How do I get Houston Media Source?

First, you have to have cable television.
Second, you have to live inside the city limits of Houston.
Third, you have to find out what channel it's on.
In Houston, it's on Warner cable channel 17, TCI channel 41 (or maybe 66), Optel channel 7 and Phonoscope channel 72. You can always try the Houston Chronicle's TV guide as well.

What's your broadcast schedule?

At the moment, there is none. The best way to know when a new show is coming is to be on the Malt Show InterNetwork and get my E-mailed show announcements.

I don't see The Malt Show listed in the TV guide, does that mean it's not on?

At the moment, yes. This isn't as much of a problem as it once was, but if there's "TBA" in the time slot, don't panic. Houston Media Source sometimes has a hard time getting program descriptions to the newspaper in a timely fashion for "first-come, first-served" shows like mine, so sometimes The Malt Show ends up as "TBA" (To Be Announced). However, if you do tune in and the show isn't on at the appointed time, please let me know!

I don't have cable, do you sell tapes?

No. If the technology becomes available soon to release them on DVD, I'll likely go that route, but doing tape transfers was far too time consuming.

What's that funky logo you've got?

The left half of the logo is a stainless steel fermentation vessel, common to microbrewing. The right half is a copper distillation vessel, which is used in the production of single malt whisky. Between the two is the (stylized) golden stalk of barley, the common element that joins them.

The Malt Show first aired:
On my birthday, April 9th, 1997 at 6:30 P.M. CST

Where I was at showtime:
Drymen, Scotland

What I was doing:
Sleeping, after having toured Glengoyne distillery and seeing comet Hale-Bopp for the first time.

Episode guide:

Show 1: Premiered April 9th, 1997
Highlights: Saint Arnold Stout introduction, Burns Supper at Americas restaurant. Lots of singing and bagpipe music. Longest, slowest credits you've ever seen. (8994)

Show 2: Premiered June 5th, 1997
Highlights: Short feature about The Glenlivet, tasting of The Glenlivet and a visit to the distillery. The 1997 Texas Brewer's Festival in Houston, featuring interviews with Houston Brewery and Bosque Brewery brewers. Better editing, funnier credits, cute final moment. (9761)

Show 3: Premiered July 16th, 1997
Highlights: Introduction to homebrewing with Scott Birdwell of DeFalco's, Big Batch Brew Bash competition, brewing demonstration, Saint Arnold Summerfest introduction. Lively edits, somewhat clever credits, Letterman-esque final moment. (10286)

Show 4: Premiered August 6th, 1997
Highlights: Brewing Experiment: What makes the best Bock? Three brewing methods go head to head. Houston's first Brew-on-Premise, Brew U. A tour of Houston Brewery with brewmaster Tim Case. Excruciatingly difficult edits, really disgusting final moment. (10565)

Show 5: Premiered August 27th, 1997
Highlights: "Orkney's Gold" a short documentary about the Orkney Islands and Highland Park single malt scotch. Scotch tasting, featuring 12 and 24 year old Highland Park. The bare essentials of homebrewing equipment with Jon Grow of The Beer Essentials Simple edits, Longer credits, Oddly quiet final moment. (10856)

Show 6: Premiered September 17th, 1997
Highlights: Brewmaster's dinner at Two Rows, Tour of Blue Star Brewery in San Antonio and a Glenfiddich Distillery tour and tasting. Snappy edits, mildly amusing credits, wishful final moment. (11161)

Show 7: Premiered October 9th, 1997
Highlights: Houston's Oktoberfest beers and celebrations. Short tasting of several bottled Oktoberfests with Scott Birdwell. Cool transitions, a ton o' credits, different music (!), best final moment since show 4. (11450)

Show 8: Premiered November 6th, 1997
Highlights: The Macallan, a tour and tasting. Houston's homebrew clubs. Canine credits, "Camptown Ladies" and Brock gets the last word. (11820)

Show 9: Premiered December 4th, 1997
1997: A Dixie Cup Odyssey. With a cast of thousands and hundreds of pennies worth of special effects. (12158)

Show 10: Premiered January 8th, 1998
New Year's Resolutions: Women's beer tasting group, Homebrew Harvest competition, Deja Brew Oktoberfest trip, Best bock followup, Bev's first batch of homebrew. Desperate edits, dopey final moment. (12580)

Show 11: Premiered February 5th, 1998
Peat and Laphroaig Distillery. Early confusion, Tidy edits, "Supply your own punchline" final moment. Pete Nordloh guest stars. (12909)

Show 12: Premiered March 5th, 1998
Bev's first homebrew tasting, Dr. Beer ® at the Houston Brewery, Saint Arnold Spring Bock, Silent Distilleries. Edits galore, more credits than the law allows, dense doggies final moment. (14693)

Show 13: Premiered Thursday, April 9th, 1998
Visits to a variety of single malt tastings, Hops House Brewpub, Tour of the Altstadthopf Hausbraueri in Nuremburg, Germany. "Don't know my own strength" final moment. (14694)

Show 14: Premiered Thursday, May 7th, 1998
The Malt Show - Coast to Coast. Old Dominion Brewing tour, Kreische Brewery State Historical Park, Hang Ten Brewing Company. Above average editing, dizzying transitions, light-headed last moment. (13953)

Show 15: Premiered Thursday, June 4th, 1998
Tour of the Thomas Hardy Brewery, National Homebrew Day. Weak voice-overs, (so listen close) nice edits, foreshadowed last moment. (14247)

Show 16: Premiered Saturday, August 22nd, 1998
The Southside Flats: Bradley's, Boondoggles and The Bay Brewery. Sun, Sand, Summer and Beer. Easygoing edits, seaside transitions, speedy credits and an audio last moment. (15025)

Show 17: Premiered Saturday, September 26th, 1998
Bowmore"The Little Beer That Couldn't" or Bev enters the Big Batch Brew Bash, only to be crushed like an empty can of Budweiser. Swingin' transitions, tropical storm force edits and GASP! NO LAST MOMENT! (15442)

Show 18: Premiered Saturday, October 31st, 1998
"Raiders of the Best Brews" (or Bev goes toThe GABF) Interviews with Houston's gold medal winners, Beer celebrity cameos. Last minute edits, low budget special effects, pirated soundtrack... and no last moment. (15785)

Show 19: Premiered Saturday, December 19th, 1998
1998 Dixie Cup, Speeches, Fuzzy video, Jumbled edits, Self-aggrandizing ending. Still no last moment. (16301)

Show 20: Premiered Saturday, May 22nd, 1999
Brewing Experiments with Louis - Episode II, Homebrew Harvest Competition, Dalwhinnie Distillery, Scotch Mega Tasting at the Dundee Dell. The triumphant return of the Last Moment! (17747)

Show 21: Premiered Saturday, July 17th, 1999
The Masters Championship of Amateur Brewing, Lots of speechifying, semi-famous brewing personalities, and beer geeks. Steve Moore wants to get edited out at the last moment. (18249)

Show 22: Premiered Saturday, August 28th, 1999
The Malt Show goes (almost completely) Digital! Springbank distillery and glassware for drinking single malt scotch. (18250)

Show 23: Should premiere eventually, I'm working on it every now and then!
The Shipyard Brewery, Orlando International Airport, 1999 Barleywine festival, Toronado Pub, San Francisco

Schedule Facts and Trivia Episodes Links

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